Cattle Guard Safety

A little secret other cattle guard companies do not want you to know:

Steel Cattle Guards Can Injure Or Kill Livestock!

This lucky bull escaped serious injury near Kingman, AZ when local firefighters literally cut the bars out of a metal cattle guard to free him.

The old saying goes, “There’s one in every crowd.” Even with livestock there’s always that one adventurous curious cow or horse that will attempt to cross a cattle guard. Most steel cattle guards have a deep pit underneath with no HOOF STOP! If the animal attempts to cross, his hoof goes below the cattle guard and the animal is now up to his chest. In the frantic struggle to escape, the animal usually ends up breaking its leg. The bull in this picture was lucky indeed, but an expensive metal cattle guard perished that day.

Most cattle guards that are made of steel are above ground applications with nothing to warn the animal that they are in danger. ATV guards can be especially dangerous because of their small size. Some cows will decide to try and jump over the cattle guard.

Cattle Guard Forms to the rescue!

Yes, Cattle Guard Forms are engineered for strength and economy, but they are also engineered for livestock safety. Cattle Guard Forms have a Hoof Stop engineered right into our products. At the top of the cattle guard the gaps are five inches across, enough to discourage all but the most hard headed cows. If, however, a cow does try to cross, when they try to step out on our cattle guard they find themselves very uncomfortable when the tip of their hoof touches our 2 inch STOP area. They will immediately, and without harm, retreat back to the safety of their field. They will never come back because they want no part of it again!

Unsurpassed Cattle Guard Safety
AND Less Expensive Than Dangerous Steel Cattle Guards

Cattle Guard Forms is the industry leader in providing safe humane cattle guards that protect your substantial investment in your herd. We are proud to say we have never had a cow injured with our Patented cattle guard form!

So the bottom line is: Why should you go back to the old technology of an open pit cattle guard when you risk losing some of your most cherished animals! Why not buy the Best?

Cattle Guard Forms Are:

  • Safest – Built-in Hoof Stop Prevents Livestock Injury
  • Strongest – HS-20 Rated Will Allow 18-wheelers to cross
  • Lightest – At only 140 lbs. Our Forms Save Hundreds On Shipping Alone
  • Mainenance Free – No Painting, No Rust, Just Years Of Tough Duty Service

Cattle Guard Forms Aren’t Just The Least Expensive Cattle Guards On The Market
They Are The Best Cattle Guards On The Market!