Cattle Guard Engineering

Engineering Makes Us Tough Duty Strong!

All Cattle Guard Forms are certified by licensed
engineers to meet the toughest standards.

Do you know what specifications steel cattle guards are engineered to meet? Frankly, many of the folks who sell them don’t even know themselves. All Cattle Guard Forms are designed and certified by Professional Engineers to meet or exceed HS-20, a specification used by the Federal Government in designing highways and bridges.

By The Way: An HS-20 load rating means you can have a 5 axle semi truck (18-wheeler), with a max gross weight 80,000 lbs. (DOT limit), drive across it without a problem. The rating claims we provide are backed by a certified structural engineer’s sealed drawing attesting that Cattle Guard Forms properly placed and poured meet, or exceed, the rigorous standards for HS-20, which are used when specifying highways, bridges, and US Military construction.